1. Application Form:
You can find CommDe 2018 Online Application Site by clicking here
Each applicant must fill in this form and submit it online. She/he must also submit the printed-out hard copy of his/her application form along with all other required documents, especially a personal statement and a letter of recommendation.
Certificates of qualifications (high school, English proficiency, and mathematic ability) must also be submitted when the application form is handed in

2. High School Qualifications:
All applicants must have completed high schools, or passed one of the high school equivalent standard tests (GED,ICGSE), or presently are in their final year of high schools (Mathayom 6, grade 12 in the American system or year 13 in the British system).
Original Certificate, Transcript or Score Report must be provided for verification.

3. English Proficiency:
All applicants must submit an original certificate of one of the following English test scores:  TOEFL (Paper-Based) with a minimum of 550 or
TOEFL (Internet-Based) with a minimum of 79
TOEFL Score Desnitation Code = B641 Chulalongkorn University CommDe
IELTS with a minimum of 6.0 or
Old SAT (Critical Reading) with a minimum of 400 or 
New SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) with a minimum of 450
SAT Test Score Reporting Code = 7797 Chulalongkorn University CommDe
CU-AAT (Verbal Section) with a minimum of 400 or
CU-TEP (Chulalongkorn University Test of English Proficiency) with a minimum of 80.
Original Score Report must be provided for verification. Web print-out or web login & password is not accepted.

4. Mathematic Ability:
All applicant must submit an original certificate of one of the following math test scores:
CU-AAT (Math Section) with a minimum 450 or 
Old SAT (Math) with a minimum of 450 or 
New SAT (Math) with a minimum of 490 or
A-Level (Math) with a minimum B or
SAT Test Score Reporting Code = 7797 Chulalongkorn University CommDe
Australian Tertiary Entrance Examination (Math) with a minimum B or
IB (Math) with a minimum of 5 (IB grading system) or
NCEA (Mathematic or numeracy) at level 2 or higher with at least total 4 credits and with a minimum of 'Achieved'.
Original Score Report must be provided for verification. Web print-out or web login & password is not accepted.

5. Testing on the Same Day!
The results of English proficiency and mathematic ability must be tested on the same day in the cases of the following test.
Old SAT (Critical Reading) and Old SAT (Math).
New SAT (Evidence-based Reading and Writing) and New SAT (Math).
CU-AAT (Verbal Section) and CU-AAT (Math Section).

6. Expiring Date of Test Scores:
The scores of tests as in No.3 and No.4 can be used within only 2 years; and this must be within the last day of this application.

7. Digital Portfolio:
All applicants must submit a portfolio, consisting of images of your own creative, design, and/or art works, submitted in the format outlined below: 
This portfolio must be submitted in a SINGLE PDF file, on a DVD.  On this DVD, the applicant’s first name and surname must be written or typed clearly in Roman characters. 
The PDF file must contain exactly 12 pages. 
The size of every page on this PDF file is 1280x720 pixels. 
At the right bottom of each page, include your first name and surname (in Roman characters), set in Helvetica 16 pt only. 
Failing to comply with the format specified above may result in your portfolio being rejected from this admission procedure. 

8. Personal Statement:
This section is your 'opportunity' to communicate with us why you are a suitable candidate for our International Bachelor Degree in Communication Design and why you should be selected for an interview. Your personal statement, which should be written as an essay, will be considered thoroughly, along with other information you submit to us. Make sure your personal statement is your own work. We will subject your application to plagiarism. Do not be tempted to copy another person's application materials, or download your personal statement off the Internet. There could be serious consequences to using other people's work. 

9. References:
References should be written by someone who knows you academically, preferably your head teacher, principal, appropriate teacher, or academic advisor. If you cannot obtain an academic reference, you should ask a responsible person who knows you to provide your reference. For example, your employer, training officer, careers adviser, a teacher on a recent relevant further education course, or a senior colleague in employment or voluntary work. We will not accept references from family, other relatives, friends or tutors from cram schools.  

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